Why Zarc International™?

  • Zarc™ created the original pepper spray CAP-STUN® and we have 30+ years of ongoing success.
  • Zarc™ is recognized as leader in pepper spray R&D and formula delivery systems.
  • Zarc™ holds multiple patents on formulas and dispersion methods.
  • Zarc™ offers VEXOR® – the elite spray with performance that’s 100% natural & non-flammable.
  • Zarc™ offers a complete line of VEXOR® consumer pepper sprays.
  • Zarc™ offers holsters and actuator products that the competitors do not make.
  • For re-sellers our commitment to your business is to help drive your margins and to do so with superior products.

Become a Dealer

To become a dealer you will have to submit a dealer application to Zarc International™
Please follow the instructions below to complete your application:

Form Submission Instructions

  • Download and read the terms and conditions
  • Download and complete the form
  • Save the form to your computer
  • Print and email your completed form to info@zarc.com
  • Sign the completed form and fax it to Zarc International™ at 309-432-3490
No matter the size of the retail store, Zarc International™ has multiple product options that will help retailers reach the consumer that is already shopping the aisles of their store. Zarc's™ highly competitive price points provide you with exceptional margins giving you the ability to sell the products for maximum turns.
If your are a distributor and would like to add personal safety products for your customers ... Zarc International™ has the product mix your are looking for! In today's environment more and more consumers are looking for personal protection. Zarc™ distributors have the opportunity to supply retailers with items that consumers are asking for.
In the world of eCommerce and comparison-shopping sites, you have to stay competitive as a drop shipper. Zarc International™ understands this need and provides you with generous discounts and minor fees, which allow you to offer low prices to your customers while maximizing your profits. As a drop shipper, you need a supplier that understands the importance of quick processing and prompt shipments. When you become an affiliate you have access to a number of free marketing resources. Zarc™ will provide you with professionally designed banners of various sizes along with model shots to help promote your pepper spray products.

Join our Team

With over 30 years years of experience, Zarc International™ is the world’s leading producer of pepper spray and self defense products and we can help you maximize your sales.

If you are interested in carrying our products in your retail store, online store, or interested in becoming a distributor of Zarc International™ products, please contact us at 309-432-3838 or 1-800-882-7011.