The CAP-STUN® Z-505 crowd control product can deploy up to 20-feet. This product has been used by many state and federal agencies throughout the years.


Size & Weight Can Size: 505

Length: 6 7/16 inches (16.4 cm)

Diameter: 2 1/16 inches (5.3 cm)

Net Weight: 5 oz. (142 gr)

Formulation CapStun

0.92%% Capsaicinoids

Highly Flammable


Environmentally safe

Features Use Instructions: To spray, press top actuator with finger or thumb. Hold for 1 second while making an upward movement across the subjects face and eyes from ear to ear. Evaluate for compliance and re-dispense a second 1 second spray if necessary.

First Aid: Flush eyes and affected area continuously with water for 15 minutes. Symptoms disappear in 45 minutes. If symptoms persist call physician.

Technical Effective Material Fill 5 oz. (142g)

Spray Pattern: Fog

Number of shots: 23

Range: 20 feet (6.1 m)

Propellant: Isobutene

EID Safe: No

Actuator: Top Button Actuator

Shelf Life: 5 Yr.

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