VEXOR® Compact Products

VEXOR® Compact Products


Zarc’s™ entry level product is a 14-gram canister that projects a fog pattern of potent Oleo-resin capsaicin content from our flagship VEXOR® formula. This product is accurate up to 8-feet with 2 to 3 feet in diameter for maximum coverage and sure fire-hits.

This product is also available as a VEXOR® Inert training spray, which fire just like our active sprays, but is designed specifically for training and doesn’t include capsaicin.

Features and Benefits

  • Zarc's™ Maximum Strength Patented VEXOR® formulation
  • 2 to 3 feet diameter fog pattern with up to 8-feet in distance to ensures fire hits
  • Approximately 25 burst per unit
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • 5 year shelf life
  • Available with key ring or pocket clip

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