VEXOR® MicroSpin Pepper Spray

VEXOR® MicroSpin Pepper Spray


VEXOR® MicroSpin Pepper Spray dispersion is more effective at stopping an attacker than our competitors pepper sprays due to our MicroSpin technology. VEXOR's® MicroSpin technology accurately launches pepper spray in a strong oval riffling pattern that expands on impact covering the attackers face with just one shot! The unit can be attached to a key ring for easy carry.

Available in pink, black and red.

This product is also available as a VEXOR® Inert training spray, which fire just like our active sprays, but is designed specifically for training and doesn’t include capsaicin.


 Features and Benefits

 Patented MicroSpin Technology and dispenser with built in safety lock

Strong thick rope-like stream pattern up to 12-feet in distance that expands on impact

Zarc's™ Maximum strength Patented VEXOR® formulation

Premium holster (vinyl case) Available

Approximately 8 burst per unit

Made of natural ingredients

5 year shelf life

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