VEXOR® Professional Spray

VEXOR® Professional Spray

When it’s time to gain compliance – choose VEXOR® Our new and improved formula is now available in various increasing Capsaicinoid strengths that range up to 1.45%

Our range of formulas allow you to select the intensity of our products based solely on your needs. To ensure the consistency of each product that we produce at Zarc™ - we test in house with our HPLC machine and through independent laboratories.

Our professional pepper sprays are available in different sizes including:

VEXOR® Pepper Spray; VEXOR® Pepper Spray MK2, VEXOR® Pepper Spray MK3, VEXOR® Pepper Spray MK4, Vexor Pepper Spray MK9, VEXOR® Pepper Spray MK46 and VEXOR® Pepper Spray ½ Oz.

All VEXOR® Products are EID safe.

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