VEXOR® Projectiles

VEXOR® Projectiles

Red Hot Liquid Pepper Projectile:

VEXOR® OC Projectiles are liquid-filled gelatin shells containing Zarc’s VEXOR® formula. VEXOR® Pepper Projectiles break on contact. This system allows agencies to use a less-lethal approach to incapacitate individuals and disperse crowds without causing serious injury. Our projectiles are accurate up to 60-feet and have an overall range of 150-feet.

Features and Benefits

•Same proven VEXOR® solution used by elite law enforcement agencies for many years.

• Powerful Solutions for the Front Lines!

• VEXOR® Projectiles can be used with any standard .68 caliber markers

• VEXOR® Projectiles are target accurate up to 60 feet

• Area denial can be used up to 150-feet

• Cost-effective. Saves & maximizes your budget

• VEXOR® Solution is EID Safe


Size & Weight Length: 0.68 inches (1.7 cm)

Diameter: 0.68 inches (1.7 cm)

Net Weight: 0.092 oz. (2.6g)
Formulation 2.0 % Capsaicinoids

Non-flammable (EID safe)


Environmentally safe
Technical Standard .68 caliber

Break on contact producing a pepper cloud

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