Training & Certification

Certification Means Protection:
Zarc's™ OC Training and Certification program is the first of its kind. A standardized course exclusively from the leading manufacturer of OC pepper spray products. A program that will give you the credentials and knowledge you need to enhance your personal safety and protect yourself against liability.

Train Anywhere, Any Time:
Zarc's™ self-study course includes a high-quality instructional video, an audio CD, a training manual, inert canisters, a holster, aiming targets, and a certification exam. 
With no travel costs or loss of time from work, you can train at your convenience in a variety of subjects that a typical half-day classroom session could never cover. Upon completion, you'll receive a CAP-STUN® certification that will put you in line with the most advanced OC training in the industry today.


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Quickly upgrade your skills with the new standard in OC training & certification. From Zarc International.

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