Inert Mk2 Micro-Spin Stream

Model Number:  T-2MSS

VEXOR® MK2 training units can utilize either an Acc-u-sol trigger or MicroSpin actuator and are available in fog, stream, foam, MicroSpin, or Full Axis spray patterns. Zarc’s patented MicroSpin pattern deploys a thick stream and features a two-stage actuator with a built-in safety-lock.  This unit is utilized by several state and federal agencies due to its unique and customizable features. Select the VEXOR® MK2 spray type and that best fits your needs!

Shipping allowed to all professional customers. Individual sales may be restricted see pepper spray laws for your area. Pepper sprays are normally shipped by ground transportation. Expedited air shipments will require additional hazmat charges.

Model Number:  T-2MSS

• Can Size: MK2

• Length: 4 1/8 inches (10.5 cm)

• Diameter: 1 3/8 inches (3.5 cm)

• Net Weight: 1 oz (28 gr)



• Effective Material Fill 1 oz (28g)

• Spray Pattern: Micro Stream

• Number of shots: 6

• Range: 15 feet  (4.6 m)

• EID Safe: Yes

• Actuator: Micro-Spin Actuator with Safety lock

• Shelf Life: 5 Yr.



• Inert • 0.00% Capsaicinoids

• Non-Flammable

• Non-hazardous.

• Environmentally safe