Vexor® Key Case Cone

Our Cone Key Case is available in five colors Black, Teal, Pink, Red and Purple with the option of a quick key release so it can easily be removed from your key chain.


FIRE-HOT SPRAY: of these compact products have a potent formula. Police strength pepper Measuring at 10% 1.33 Major Capsaicinoids, Non-toxic, powerful, and fiery hot, this spray provides you with the best non-lethal protection possible.

LARGE 6 to 8 FOOT RANGE: This convenient pepper spray canister emits a fog Spray that can measure up to 8 feet away, The fog spray pattern covers a wider area. Un like our Stream Sprays, Fog spray patterns are more acceptable to blow back due to its fine mist and do not spray as far. Due to its powerful capabilities, this hand-held can should be kept safely out of reach of kids, either hidden or secured in a holster. This pepper spray is not available for sale in all states.