VEXOR® MK4 units can utilize either a flip-top or MicroSpin Actuator and are available in fog, stream, foam, MicroSpin, or full axis spray patterns with formulations from 0.33 to 1.45 % Major Capsaicinoids. Flip-top actuators have become the industry standard due to their efficient design and ease-of-use. Zarc’s patented MicroSpin pattern deploys a thick stream and features a two-stage actuator with a built-in safety-lock. Our full axis products utilize utilize a bag-on-valve design to deploy a stream in any angle … even upside down! Select the VEXOR® MK4 spray type and that best fits your needs!

MK4 Flip-Top Fog

MK4 Flip-Top Stream

MK4 Flip-Top Foam

MK4 Flip-Top Stream Full Axis

MK4 Flip-Top MicroStream