MK3 Flip-Top Stream Full Axis

The VEXOR® MK3 Full Axis Stream unit is accurate up to 15-20-feet and includes an Flip top Trigger with a first use indicator that can fire from any direction … even upside down! The MK3 Full Axis will deploy vertically downward, or from a horizontal position. It can also deploy vertically upward, or from a horizontal position. This unit includes capsaicin content from our flagship VEXOR® formula that is available in VEXOR’s® continuum formulations from 0.18 to 1.45% major Capsaicinoids. This product is also available as a VEXOR® Inert training spray, which fire just like our active sprays, but is designed specifically for training and doesn’t include capsaicin. Click below to see which VEXOR® MK3 Full Axis Stream product best fit your needs!