Zarc™ Is the Leading Manufacturer of Professional Pepper Sprays VEXOR® and CAP-STUN®

Zarc has been the Leading Manufacturer of Pepper Sprays for Police and Law Enforcement Agencies Worldwide for over 31 years.

Our line of the most effective and potent pepper spray products has been trusted and used since 1988. In fact, we invented the very first pepper spray, CAP-STUN just for law enforcement. Since then, innovation has been our driving force, in tandem with safety, regulation and training.

These products are truly a breakthrough in protection, made from natural substance and completely safe to use. VEXOR and CAP-STUN are tested by an independent third party, and prove to be potent, and non-toxic.

VEXOR® Professional Pepper Sprays

All VEXOR® products are fully compliant with ranges from 0.18% up to 1.45%. We offer a number of different spray patterns from Fog, Stream and Foam. Our Full Axis is a stream product that you can spray in any direction "Even Up Side Down”.
Products: Vexor Undercover, MK2, MK3, MK4, MK6, MK9, MK46 & Full Axis.

CAP-STUN Professional Pepper Sprays

CAP-STUN® Pepper Spray pioneered the Oleoresin Capsicum weapons industry in 1982. The recognition of CAP-STUN by law enforcement agencies and the increasing demand created the original pepper aerosol market and is the reason for our success. Click below to determine which CAP-STUN product best fits your needs!

Accessories & Gear

It’s critical to have dependable, effective pepper spray, but it’s also crucial to have easy and convenient access to that spray. That’s why we also supply high quality holsters made of sturdy nylon and strong, dependable leather and holster insert cups.

Training Sprays and Training Course (OCTC)

Safe for Practice - No Pepper Irritants - Includes Target
Our TRAINING CANISTERS have been used by law enforcement professionals for over 31 years. Both VEXOR and CAP-STUN canisters feature the exact same deployment style and firing mechanism as the real pepper spray canisters but without the burn. Both are inert and designed to help you gain muscle memory and confidence.
Take a look at our VEXOR and CAP-STUN training sprays below

Pepper Spray First Aid Wipes

Our OC First Aid Wipes use alcohol blended with milk protein to help alleviate the burning sensation of VEXOR® pepper sprays while cleansing the contaminated area.
We suggest keeping several on hand.