Professional MK-9 Units

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VEXOR® MK9 units are available in three (3) different canister sizes from smaller mini to 9X.  Assembled  with either a thumb or pistol grip handle and come in fog, stream or foam spray patterns with formulations from 0.18 to 1.45 % major capsaicinoids. The thumb grip and pistol grip handle have become the industry standard in professional pepper sprays. This unit utilizes a plastic safety pull tab and is favored by correctional officers over older designs with unsafe and unintuitive metal safety pins.  The 9M is a smaller tactical size unit while the 9 has been the tradational size and the 9X is our larger Capacity MK9


** Not All canisters size may be aviable in capsacin content or delivery method, if no results are found please try different configuration.. You can always call if you have questions