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Zarc™ offers many products for many situations whether you want to: protect yourself or your loved ones, want to make sure that you’re safe when you’re on the go, a college student wanting to stay safe on campus, a woman that wants to stop unwanted advances from aggressors, whatever it may be - we’re here to help you! No matter what you’re doing, you, have the assurance of the creators of the original pepper spray and the #1 brand trusted by law enforcement and consumers worldwide.

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VEXOR® is among the most effective line of pepper spray ever invented for law enforcement. Now that same advanced technology is available to consumers to thwart a wide range of threats in a split second. VEXOR® products are truly a breakthrough, made from natural substance and completely safe to use. Tested by an independent third party, VEXOR® proved to be potent, and non-toxic.

Zarc's compact and easy to use pepper sprays will give you comfort knowing that you are protected. Whether running errands, away at college or out exercising, Zarc has you covered. One canister should be only ‘part’ of your total protection plan. We recommend several units for complete protection; one for the car, one next to the bed, and another in your pocket at all times.

VEXOR® Practice Canisters

Our practice canisters have been used by professionals for over 31 years. Now, we offer inert practice canisters that are specifically designed to be used by consumers. These VEXOR® canisters feature the exact same deployment style and firing mechanism as real pepper spray canisters but without the burn, and are designed to help you gain muscle memory and confidence should you encounter a high-stress or emergency situation